UN Releases 6th Climate Report

“The new IPCC report shows a variety of outcomes if we don’t get a handle on our fossil fuel emissions. We are reaching a tipping point and our ocean and environment are in great danger - not to mention humanity as well. It is time to take this data seriously and work together to avert a worst case scenario."

- Vicki Nichols Goldstein, Inland Ocean Coalition Founder & Director


The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released its Sixth Assessment Report earlier this week, consisting of over 14,000 papers on our past and present climate, as well as future risk. The current report is the Physical Science Basis, the next report will cover impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability, and the final in this series will discuss mitigation of climate change. 

Some key takeaways from the report include: 

  • The earth is warming faster
  • More detailed regional assessments of impacts
  • Every region is facing increasing changes, including changes in the water cycle, rainfall patterns, sea level rise, thawing permafrost, more frequent heatwaves on land and in the ocean, ocean acidification and lower oxygen levels in the ocean
  • Human actions still have the potential to determine the future course of our climate 

Check out this analysis from Yale Climate Connections for more detailed info. 

In the face of more bad news from intergovernmental agencies, we remain hopeful that humanity is beginning to band together to turn things around. People across the globe are waking up, demanding more of their elected officials, building change from the ground-up in their communities, and joining a growing chorus that recognizes that we must act now to turn things around. 

Working to protect our ocean will remain more critical than ever, as a healthy ocean is one of our best defenses against the climate crisis. Healthy ocean ecosystems help buffer the impacts of climate change by sequestering heat and greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Will you give today to help protect our ocean and climate?


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Coastal restoration will be a key part of a new infrastructure economy and President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda for good reason: these projects will improve community resilience, provide opportunities for job growth, and increase economic vitality. When Congress and the Administration consider economic stimulus and infrastructure funding to restore the nation’s economy and address climate change, a $10 billion coastal and ocean restoration program must be part of that package. 

Urge your members of Congress to support coastal restoration and protection! 


Our virtual IOA Certification Training is designed to prepare individuals with the skills and tools to be powerful advocates for ocean and watershed health. Over five weeks, Ambassadors from all over the country learn from top ocean advocates, scientists, and policymakers, and network with other Ambassadors and partner organizations to expand their ocean and water expertise. 

The training covers watershed health, plastic pollution, the ocean as a solution to climate change, marine protected areas, fisheries management and sustainable seafood, the power of storytelling, how we are Heartwired to love the ocean, and much more. 


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Life in the Plasticene integrates art, ecological science, and storytelling to explore the merging streams of life and plastic worldwide. From microplastics in Colorado streams to cattle foraging for food amongst the plastic waste in India, the exhibition asks: “how did we get here and where do we go from here?" The installation features photography, films, artifacts, and interviews by environmental scientist and educator Marcus Eriksen, environmental philosophy and animal ethics researcher Kesli Nagy, artist, filmmaker, and photographer Chris Jordan, and art/science researchers and NeST Fellows Patrick Chandler and David Oonk.

Curated in partnership with Patrick Chandler with funding through the NeST Studio for the Arts Community Grant Program. Additional support provided the Inland Ocean CoalitionWashed Ashore, and 5 Gyres Institute. The exhibition will be available at the Arbor Institute in Boulder, Colorado through October 3. 


Help Prevent Illegal Fishing and Forced Labor

Did you know that up to 32% of seafood imported into the US is caught illegally? Illegal fishing accounts for some $23.5 billion worth of seafood annually and is linked to a host of other crimes, including arms and wildlife smuggling, drug trafficking, and human rights abuses. Oftentimes crew members on illegal vessels have been sold into slavery and work at sea for years in horrific conditions, often subject to physical and psychological abuse. 

Congressman Jared Huffman of CA recently introduced The Illegal Fishing and Forced Labor Prevention Act, which would leverage US resources and leadership to track and block IUU seafood imports, increase transparency in the seafood supply chain, stop seafood fraud, and strengthen international fisheries management

We'll keep you up to date on this Act and how to support it. At the moment you can reach out to your members of Congress and urge them to support the Act, or if you're part of an NGO, you can sign onto this letter of support from Oceana. 


Do you love the ocean and want to make a difference? We are looking for an Events & Marketing Intern to assist with our third annual Masquerade Mermaid Ball in Boulder, Colorado this September. Learn more and apply here


Rising Tide Podcast: Two Sisters Taking on Plastic 

Dianna and Julia Cohen are two of the co-founders of Plastic Pollution Coalition. Mixing lifetimes of art and activism, they talk about the challenges of plastic pollution, including countering industry propaganda about recycling. Along with ocean and human health impacts and actions we can all take, they offer insights, opportunities and solutions to take us Beyond petroleum-based Plastic Pollution.  

Listen to the latest episode of the Rising Tide Podcast - co-hosted by Vicki Goldstein and David Helvarg of Blue Frontier - here!


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