"Human decision-making is influenced by how people are heartwired—the mind circuits and connections that tie together their emotions, identity, values, beliefs, and lived experiences. The heartwired research approach investigates the ways that these combine, and often collide, to shape people’s attitudes and behaviors." - Heartwired to Love the Ocean: A Messaging Guide for Advocates 

The Inland Ocean Coalition is gathering data on our supporters' ocean mindsets using a Heartwired to Love the Ocean approach. The data we collect will be used to inform our communications, strengthen our impact, and to build a stronger, more inclusive, and diverse ocean conservation movement. 

The survey will take five minutes or less and all answers will be completely anonymous. 


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New Report: Ocean-Climate Opportunities in the US

A new report from Our Shared Seas quantifies the role that ocean-based solutions can play in mitigating climate change in the US. The independent analysis offers a roadmap for understanding current opportunities and estimates that ocean-based mitigation measures could reduce US greenhouse gas emissions up to 13.7% annually by 2050equivalent to taking 90% of cars off the road in the US.


150+ Groups Call for Ocean Climate Action

The Inland Ocean Coalition is proud to join 159 organizations in support of the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act that will leverage the ocean as a key solution in the fight against climate change. We need to take action now to preserve biodiversity, protect 30% of our lands and ocean by 2030, and help communities across the country to be more resilient in the face of a changing climate. To protect our ocean we must protect our climate, and to protect our climate we must protect our ocean. 

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As Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva has proven himself to be an ocean champion. Congressman Grijalva embodies our view that no matter where you live, the ocean is critical to the future of life on Earth and we can all take action to protect it. 

We need more members of Congress who are dedicated to protecting our ocean. Send Congressman Grijalva a message today to thank him for working to protect our ocean and climate!


Rising Tide Podcast

Check out the latest episodes of Rising Tide, featuring our very own Vicki Nichols Goldstein as co-host! Vicki and David Helvarg interview Anna Cummins, Co-Founder of 5 Gyres, about fighting plastic in our ocean and waterways, and Kelly Wright, founder of the Inland Ocean Coalition's Wyoming Chapter, on the many connections between the inland and the coasts. 


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