Ocean Protection Under the New Administration

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Mere hours after being sworn in yesterday, President Biden started the process of reversing his predecessor's attacks on our planet. His Day One executive orders and directives lay the groundwork for addressing climate change and protecting our ocean, waterways and public lands.

Some of his Executive Actions include:

  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Directing all executive departments and agencies to review and address environmentally damaging federal regulations and other executive actions of the past four years

  • Reconsidering the order that allowed commercial fishing to resume in the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument off the New England Coast 

  • Revoking the Presidential permit granted to Keystone XL, effectively killing the pipeline 

  • Placing a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 

These are all huge wins for our planet. Thanks to your support, we're confident that we will be able to make tidal waves in protecting the ocean we all love. 


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New Blog: How to Support Sustainable Seafood and a Regenerative Ocean Food System 

Check out our latest blog post from trained Inland Ocean Ambassador Pat Schnettler, who is also the Founder of 12tides!

"Did you know 90% of our seafood in the U.S. is imported? Seafood goes through long, non-transparent, and intricate supply chains that make it challenging for consumers to pick sustainable options. Consequently, 20% of seafood is mislabeled, making it near impossible for consumers like you to make better choices."


Ocean Ambassador Applications are Open!

Want to become an ocean champion in your community? The Inland Ocean Ambassador Certification Program is a 5-session, 5-week online training program that gives participants the tools they need to get involved in ocean protection, no matter where they live. 

The program also includes presentations by and discussions with top minds in the ocean protection field and concludes with a 6-month engagement period where ambassadors work directly with IOC staff to work on key ocean protection issues. 


Rising Tide Podcast

Check out the latest episodes of Rising Tide, featuring our very own Vicki Nichols Goldstein as co-host! Vicki and David Helvarg talk with Professor and former Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles Geraldine Knatz and acoustician Michael Stocker, Founder of Ocean Conservation Research, who explains what a misnomer, “The Silent World,” of Jacques Cousteau actually was. 


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