You're Invited to the Masquerade Mermaid Ball!

Come celebrate 10 years of protecting the ocean with us at our 3rd Annual Masquerade Mermaid Ball!

Join us for a magical in-person evening on Friday, September 24 for our 2021 Masquerade Mermaid Ball. Come and mingle with other ocean lovers and celebrate our connection to the ocean and the amazing ability we all have to make a difference - no matter where we live!

If you'd like to donate an item for our online auction (it could be a stay at a vacation home, artwork, jewelry, a book, gift certificate, etc.) simply reply to this email. 


Take a peak at our 2020 Annual Report if you missed it in our previous newsletter!

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year unlike any other. Global priorities shifted dramatically in light of the pandemic, and the whole world found itself having to adjust to a new world. 

We are so grateful to our volunteers, chapter leads, supporters, donors, partners, and everyone else who was able to stick with us over the past year. With your support, we continued to engage individuals and communities across the country and worked to defend our ocean, waterways, and climate. 

During these tumultuous times, it is our great hope that a new world is in the making, one that is more just, equitable, sustainable, and protective of the web of life that supports us all. 


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Plastic Free July is a great opportunity to assess our personal plastic use. Where are we doing well? Are there ways we could be doing better? Click here to learn more ways of reducing plastic in your daily life! 


Colorado Passes Historic Plastic Pollution Legislation

On July 6, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed the landmark Plastic Pollution Reduction Act into law. The Act will phase out single-use plastic bags, polystyrene cups and containers, and overturn a law that prohibits municipalities from enacting their own regulations for managing plastic waste (preemption). Colorado became the first state in the country to strike a state preemption law.

We are thrilled to have worked collaboratively on the passage of this Act along with so many other organizations. This Act will be a huge step forward in protecting Colorado's people, wildlife, waterways, and environment, and we hope other states will follow suit!


Do you love the ocean and want to make a difference? We are looking for an Events & Marketing Intern to assist with our third annual Masquerade Mermaid Ball in Boulder, Colorado this September. Learn more and apply here


Rising Tide Podcast: Whale Doctor Frances Gulland

This week we speak with marine mammal veterinarian and disease pioneer Dr. Frances Gulland.  One of three members of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission, we speak to her about her decades of unique work from treating sick sea lions to studying dead whales (while avoiding hungry white sharks) to Flipperโ€™s future in a changing world.

Listen here!


Inland Ocean Coalition
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 The Inland Ocean Coalition is a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)(3)

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