We all depend on the ocean. It feeds and inspires us. It gives us oxygen and sustains livelihoods and a way of life for many. It is a place of enjoyment and renewal. It is where culture and history intertwine for Indigenous communities, coastal dwellers and visitors, and those in ocean-dependent trades.

Today, human activity touches every part of our ocean. We know that human impact, from plastic pollution to carbon emissions to overfishing, reaches all depths and currents of our ocean.

Ocean protection is especially critical from a climate change perspective, as the ocean has absorbed 90% of the heat and a third of all carbon emissions from the industrial era. Marine protected areas bolster climate resilience and provide places for fish and marine wildlife to adapt and thrive in a changing climate. 

By placing at least 30% of our ocean in marine protected areas, President Biden can help ensure our communities thrive, our ocean wildlife and habitats are protected, and our ocean has a chance to adapt to climate change. The US must protect at least 30% of our ocean by 2030, and we must do it in the right way, with a network of marine protected areas that:

  • Reflect the diversity of wildlife, ecosystems and habitats in the U.S.
  • Help address the impacts of climate change by protecting carbon storage areas and areas that provide adaptation and resilience benefits.
  • Protect the coastal jobs, livelihoods, cultures, recreation, access, and natural resources that our communities rely on.

How can you help? Sign the 30x30 Nature Petition calling on world leaders to protect at least 30% of the planet's land and ocean by 2030!


Landmark Plastic Pollution Bill Passes in Colorado

Last week the Colorado State Legislature enacted some of the most comprehensive statewide legislation to tackle the plastic pollution crisis. The Plastic Pollution Reduction Act now awaits Gov. Jared Polis' signature, who has indicated he will sign the measure, which would mark the first time an inland state has passed legislation to phase out single-use plastic products. 

If passed, Colorado would become the 10th state legislature to ban single-use plastic shopping bags in certain stores, the eighth to ban Polystyrene food containers, and the first state in the country to reverse municipal preemption (a ban on bans at the city level).

We are thrilled to have worked collaboratively on the passage of this Act along with so many other organizations. This Act will be a huge step forward in protecting Colorado's people, wildlife, waterways, and environment, and we hope other states will follow suit!


We hope you can celebrate 10 years of protecting the ocean with us at our 3rd Annual Masquerade Mermaid Ball! Details and tickets to follow. 

If you'd like to donate an item for our online auction or become an event sponsor, simply reply to this email. 

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Do you love the ocean and want to make a difference? We are looking for an Events & Marketing Intern to assist with our third annual Masquerade Mermaid Ball in Boulder, Colorado this September. Learn more and apply here


Support the Inland Ocean Coalition!

Julia is an 8th grader from Summit Middle School in Boulder, CO. For her 8th-grade capstone project she created original artwork that she is selling on a variety of limited-edition products such as ball caps, stickers, mugs, tote bags, and note pads to raise money for the Inland Ocean Coalition. She's built an Etsy site where these can be purchased, and all prices include a donation to the Inland Ocean Coalition.

By supporting her project you support our work!


This beautiful mask from Sabi Wabi is made with 2 layers of premium 100% cotton batik fabric, that is lightweight and breathable. The elastic ear-loops are super-soft. The toggle provides an adjustable fit that can be taken on and off easily. There is a felted nose wire for a customized fit. All masks are sanitized right before packing and shipping and are hand made in Boulder, CO. 

100% of the profits from this mask go to the Inland Ocean Coalition. Get yours today!


Rising Tide Podcast: Ana Blanco's Ocean Films

Join us in conversation with Ana Blanco, Executive Director of the International Ocean Film Festival.  We talk about the ocean in our living rooms and theaters, how documentaries and other media from Cousteau TV specials to this year’s Academy Award winning β€˜My Octopus Teacher,’ help connect people to the ocean in both its wonder and its warnings.  Join us to learn more about this unique film fest and some of Ana (and our) favorite ocean films.

Listen here!


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