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Our national parks were once home to Native People who for thousands of years were the original stewards of these lands. This effort represents a small but important step for the NPS to honor the legacy of Indigenous stewardship and deepen its commitment to a more socially and environmentally just future.

Plastic pollution can be found virtually everywhere, and the best way to manage plastic waste is to stop generating it. Eliminating single-use plastics will reduce plastic pollution and save money for parks, visitors, concessionaires and park partners, while also advancing the Biden administration’s goals for addressing environmental justice and the climate crisis. 

Add your name to urge Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to eliminate the sale and distribution of single-use plastics in our national parks. 

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Protections Restored for 3 National Monuments

In a huge victory, President Biden has restored critical protections for Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts national monuments, safeguarding irreplaceable sacred and ancestral lands, paleontological sites, and habitat for threatened and endangered species.

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts is our country's first and only marine monument in the Atlantic, established under President Obama. The restored protections prohibit commercial fishing in the monument (recreational fishing will still be allowed), with fishing for red crab and American lobster to be phased out by September of 2023. 

We've been working tirelessly with our partners to reverse the Trump-era ruling that stripped these protections, and we are thrilled that these iconic monuments are once again off-limits to dirty, dangerous drilling and mining operations and harmful commercial fishing. 




The results are in! Nearly 70% of trash found in Austin was made of PLASTIC.

5 Gyres, Inland Ocean Coalition, Into the Sea, and Litterati worked together on the launch of TrashBlitz Austin in the summer of 2021. The data from these cleanups was uploaded into the Litterati app and data platform, where both people and AI technology categorized it by type, material, and brand to understand the trash collected. The report is designed to be open-source and shows a clear and immediate need to push for policy change that focuses on source reduction and enables a shift toward a culture of reuse.

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Thank You for Supporting Us 💙

What an amazing 10 years it's been, and we couldn't have achieved what we have without your support. No matter how long you've been with us—from our early COCO days to just this year—we are so grateful. 

Because of your support, we've been able to start 16 chapters around the country, educate and empower hundreds of ocean champions in over 25 states, lead delegations of ocean advocates to Washington, DC, hold hundred of meetings with local and state legislative leaders, host creek cleanups across the country, run campaigns to raise awareness and create change on key ocean issues, and engage hundreds of thousands of people across the country on the importance of protecting our ocean, no matter where we live.

We can't thank you enough. 


We Have a Gift for You!


Locally-owned Nude Foods Market has opened as Boulder's first zero waste grocery store! No plastic packaging in sight - everything comes in reusable, returnable glass jars and is local, organic, or rescued. Plus they're always lower cost than Whole Foods. Zero waste groceries made easy!

  • Local produce and products
  • Zero-waste containers and packaging
  • Human-powered delivery (bike)!
  • Special love for ‘ugly’ produce from local farms

To help get the word out and support Boulder's only zero waste grocery store, use coupon code inland at checkout (online or in-person) for 20% off your first order! Valid for new customers only and expires October 31st. 


Inland Ocean News

The Ugly Truth About Sharks Being Killed for Cosmetics


Formosa Plastics Group: A Serial Offender of Environmental and Human Rights, New Report Finds


Paint Flakes Most Abundant Microplastic Particles After Fibers, Study Finds 


Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands Marine Park Plans a Major Step Forward for Global Conservation


India Will Ban Single-Use Plastics Next Year to Cut Pollution—Experts Warn That's Not Enough


Fish Poop a Big Player in Ocean Carbon Sequestration


Upcoming Events

Friday, October 22nd from 2-3 pm, Boulder, CO

COCO's march through the CU Boulder campus aims to bring the CU community together around the 30x30 commitment to protect nature and life on Earth. To save our planet we need to start making changes now to protect 30% of our land and seas by 2030. The march will go from Kittredge Field through campus to the Norlin Quad. RSVP here. 


Friday October 22, 4-11:30pm, Boulder, CO

Come support our University of Colorado Chapter and get some delicious ice cream! Take-Out and Delivery available. 

Where: 2412 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO
Donating Back: 15%

RSVP here


Catch up on the Rising Tide Podcast!

Every week David Helvarg of Blue Frontier Campaign and Vicki Nichols Goldstein interview ocean champions and people working to make a difference for the future of our ocean. Catch up on the most recent episodes below!

Rising tide #41: Andres Soto's Richmond & Point Molate 

We open season two of Rising Tide talking with Andres Soto, community organizer for Citizens for a Better Environment, multi-talented musician (that’s him on Sax) and steering committee member of Richmond, California’s Point Molate Alliance.  Andres will introduce you to the diverse shoreline city of Richmond where Rising Tide is based and where he was raised.  His insights into local history, organizing, social justice and the fight to keep the last undeveloped natural headland on San Francisco Bay in public hands will leave you inspired.  

Listen here. 

Rising Tide #40: Cynthia Barnett's Ocean of Sea Shells

If you missed her on NPR’s ‘Science Friday’ hear our friend Author and Journalist Cynthia Barnett share stories from her new book ‘The Sound of the Sea – Seashells and the Fate of the Oceans’ including the role ‘feminist science’ played in nature studies and who ‘She sells seashells by the seashore’ is really all about.  Also she tells us why, despite Florida’s killer red tides, rising seas and other disasters she still has hope for her native state’s future.

Listen here


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